The Secret Benefits of Walking Regularly

Taking a daily walk has some seriously huge benefits. I find it so interesting that something as simple as walking can have such a positive impact on our lives. It’s one of the most powerful ways we can improve our health and it’s super simple. A daily walk for just 30 minutes can not only lower our blood pressure, but also strengthen your heart, help you to stay toned and give you a fresh head. It’s most beneficial first thing in the morning, starting your day with some exercise can really improve your productivity and creativity. 

walking in the mountains
mountain walk

Studies have shown that people who go for a walk for 1 hour X 3 times per week have more efficient decision making skills than those who don’t. When you think about it, walking 1 hour 3 times a week isn’t a huge amount and is something we can all do. I found this article about the link between walking and improved memory particularly interesting: Link between walking and memory.

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks” John Muir

Here in Morzine we are spoiled for choice, every walk we do can be fun and interesting. Whether it’s 15 minutes at the Dereches, a 5 hour mountain hike, or something in between, we literally have every choice. For the winter, I wear studs on my shoes incase there’s Ice. You can get these from Decathlon for next to nothing ( I also wear these for running). Like massage, walking improves your circulation which is really important when living somewhere like Morzine. For anyone that suffers from cold feet and cold hands, this benefit is really important to your health. With good circulation, healthy fresh blood can be more easily moved around your body.

In Morzine there are also a lot of dogs. If you’re not able to have your own dog there is almost always one you can borrow!! With so many people having dogs here, borrowing a dog is a perfect excuse to get out out of the house for a stroll. They help you enjoy your walk and you help them by giving them an extra bit of mountain play!

dog walking in the mountains
dog walk
dog walk on snow

Walking is also a great way to take a detox from the digital world. On those big screen days, a walk can give you an escape from work. A short walk each day can help you to lose weight and boost your metabolism. You’ll find as well after a long day on a screen, a walk will really help you to sleep by relaxing your mind and de-stressing your body.

Where’s your favourite walk in Morzine? I change my mind with each season but this winter I’ve loved the trail between Zore and Avoriaz!! We really are spoiled for choice here.

I hope this blog has motivated you to get out and explore Morzine’s walks and if after your walk you’re in need of a massage, you know where I am!

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