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Once your massage is booked don’t forget, this is Your Session so speak up! If you would like anything changed – pressure, areas worked, position, too hot/too cold, please always communicate with me!

Swedish Massage in Morzine for the upper back and shoulders

Do you bring your own massage table?

I work completely mobile and bring all of the equipment I will need for your massage to your chalet. I will arrive 10 minutes early in order to set up for your massage.

How much clothing do I remove for the massage?

No matter whether you are having a relaxing massage or sports, you can undress to your level of comfort. For a full body massage it is most common to be massaged in just shorts or pants which will be covered by a towel at all times. If you are having a specific shoulder massage for example, you will only need to undress to your waist. This is something I will discuss with you before your treatment. During your massage you will be properly covered with my massage towels, only the area I am massaging will be exposed.

What is included in my treatment?

A treatment consists of your massage, a short consultation to discuss what you are looking to get from the massage – this will allow me to truly tailor your treatment, time for you to undress/dress and a discussion at the end of stretches and exercises you can do to continue benefiting from the treatment. 

What do I do during the massage?

During the massage you just relax and make yourself comfortable. If I need to adjust your position I will move you or ask you to move. If you would like to be silent, or talk it’s completely up to you, whatever you need to do to relax during your treatment.

Will the massage hurt?

I will always communicate the pressure with you, I will work at the pressure I feel your body needs and check in with your comfort. The most effective massage works with your body’s natural response, not against it. 

How often should I get a massage?

This is a topic which varies person to person depending on the type of massage and any injuries you have. If you are looking to address a specific problem it is likely you will need more regular massage sessions. Once I have an understanding of your body and your goals we can discuss a plan for further treatments.

Do you play music during the massage?

I choose not to bring music to play during the massage, this is due to me working mobile and moving between locations. This doesn’t mean you can’t! You are very welcome to play your own sounds for your treatment, you can choose any music which you enjoy relaxing to.

How do I pay for my treatment?

You can either pay with cash on the day, or pre pay with a bank transfer. If you choose a bank transfer I will directly send you my bank details prior to the massage.

Are there any cancellation Fees?

If your massage is cancelled less than 24 hours of the treatment happening full payment is still required.

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