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This week I was invited along to help the athletes at Runner Retreats here in Morzine. It was a fantastic week with a bunch of truly great people!

Morzine Runner Retreats athletes.

Runner Retreats provides athletes with unforgettable experiences in the most inspirational locations. This week they were in Morzine discovering the routes and trails & learning about mountain running. Runner Retreats not only coaches during these away weeks, but also educates, inspires new habits and shares fresh ideas.

running at lac montriond, Morzine
stretching in the mountains
runners training

I worked with the group individually, helping recovery and relaxation with massage. Nothing beats a massage after a solid few days of training!

As well as massage we discussed new ideas for stretches, recovery, foam rolling & maintaining that fresh feeling pre and post run. It was a brilliant opportunity for the runners to relax and lean more about looking after their body.

I loved hearing about the routes they’d been on this week and the new experiences they’d had. It takes guts to come to the mountains for running when it’s not an environment you know. So Kudos to everyone involved, I’m so impressed with your commitment and inspired by your energy! Thank You for having me.

lac montiond

If you’re hosting an event and are interested in offering massage to your clients, please pop me a message to or head over to my Events Page below.

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