UK Sports Massage

A Sports Massage Corrects Imbalances & Restores Range of Movement

Using UK Sports Massage techniques, this massage will aid in correcting imbalances in the body. It helps to restore range of movement. The techniques will also focus on correcting problems caused by strenuous physical activity, weakness, overuse and injury.

This type of massage is perfect for athletes in training such as trail runners and allows them to continue their sport to the highest level. It is also a fantastic massage style for anyone who lives an active life. People who feel the strain of their activities. You don’t need to be an athlete or have a sporting injury to benefit from this type of massage!

This massage style is an extremely tailored massage style. I will work with you at your accommodation in Morzine or the surrounding Villages, to not only find the route of the problem, but also create a recovery plan. It’s so important with this massage style, that we find the route of the pain. We can then target this to reduce any returning injury.

Benefits of Sports Massage

Speeds up Recovery Time
Enhances Performance
Improves Posture
Restores Movement
Reduced Pain

Martha always manages to loosen off my tight muscles with her deep sports massages! She is extremely knowledgable and really goes that extra mile beyond just a massage.

Amy 2021

Martha is incredible at sports massage and finding the exact areas you are sore… and the ones you didn’t know about too!

Lucy 2021

Fabulous massage therapist and would highly recommend Martha for sports massage. Martha is really knowledgable and I am totally relaxed after each visit.

Jane 2021

This massage doesn’t need to be painful to be successful. We will communicate throughout to find the correct level of pressure needed for your body.