Komoot Womens Torino Nice Rally 2022

Earlier this month Komoot held the Womens Torino Nice Rally (WTNR). A Bikepacking route designed to encourage more women to get involved and grow the sport. Completely self supported, stripping back to the basic needs for 8 days. This rally was wholesome, inspiring and incredible to be part of!

622 KM | 17,490M | 46 Women | 1 Pug | 8 Days

the riders of the komoot womens torino nice rally

It’s just really nice to throw yourself in at the deep end sometimes!

Sarah. Komoot WTNR
mountain cyclist on a gravel track
cyclists and cows on mountain path
campsite with bikepackers

I was lucky enough to be asked to go along on this trip to support the riders and Komoot team. The route crossed between Italy and France starting in Turin and finishing on the beach in Nice. We had the most insane weather and a truly inspiring group of women from 20 different countries.

women gravel riding
women cycling in the mountains

birthday balloons on a bike

This week I caught up with Sarah who was part of the pack. Sarah had only done one night of bike packing before starting the rally. I believe this was after she had already signed up! She already knew a few others joining the rally, but this really was a new experience for her. It was also Sarah’s birthday during the trip. Of course we covered her bike in balloons and had a good amount of cake to celebrate!

Image: @gofastergaby

My catch up with Sarah..

– What made you want to join the Komoot WTNR?

I had seen photos from the other Komoot Womens Rallys and I have always liked the theory of bike packing. It seemed like a good way to have a go with a load of other people all with a massive range of different experiences coming into it. It’s just really nice to throw yourself in at the deep end sometimes!

– What was your highlight?

So many, it’s kind of hard to pick. Each day just had just highs and lows, lows were usually the uphills and the highs were the downs and the snacks! I ate a lot of good food. A random farm shop selling Panna Cotta halfway up a climb was an absolute bonus! It was also really fun to meet the other riders.

– How did you find your body coped with the riding day after day?

It went better than I had expected but I had a really sore lower back that I should have stretched way more. By the time you finish a long day and get some food you just want to go to bed. I had to stop up a lot of the climbs to walk for a few minutes to stretch out or to lie on the floor briefly. I was surprised how far I could actually pedal and that it was okay, especially as I had not done a lot of bike specific training.

– Did you get your fuel right?

I spent all day, every day eating. Never knowingly passed up a gelato, pizza or pasta opportunity. I also ate a lot of flapjack, bread, ham and cheese.

– What would you take or do next time differently?

I was pretty pleased with how well I packed to be honest so I don’t think I had anything extra to add. I think I will spend a little more time getting my bike to fit me a little better just for more comfort on the long days.

– What advice would you give to someone thinking of joining a Komoot Womens Rally?


Thanks Sarah for taking the time to chat with me about this trip. Sarah also saved us pre-trip after a slight mix up with transport. Getaway Vans swooped in to save the day and lend us a much needed support vehicle for the trip! Thank You Getaway Vans & Sarah!

birthday cycle ride
smiling faces on their bikes

To see more images from the Komoot Womens Torino Nice Rally, you can go to the hashtag #KomootWTNR on instagram.

If you’d like to have a look at the route you can find it below! Keep an eye out on for next years Komoot Womens Rallys, and like Sarah said – DO IT!!!

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