Martha Perry Massage Therapy It all started whilst growing up in the countryside. My love of sport & outdoors, mixed with with discovery and nature started. It has now made the mountains the perfect place to settle.

I moved to the mountains 8 years ago. I was able to discover the various sports available and the adventurous lifestyle which Morzine allows you to experience. Sports Massage was the natural career path to enter. It connected both my love of sport and outdoors, with my understanding of health and recovery. My love of mountain sports drives my work – we are so lucky to be healthy enough to enjoy this place!

My true passion is skiing and ski touring. The freedom and discovery which this sport allows, takes it to the very top of my list. In my opinion, there is no better way to spend your day then heading off on a big adventure into the mountains. 

Other sports which I now couldn’t live without are: Trail Running, Climbing, Hiking and Road Biking. Understanding these sports, how the body works and the commitment which the athletes take, allows me to offer help and aid your recovery. Furthermore, my studies in human anatomy and physiology have allowed me to map the human body. Thus helping me understand causes and effects of sports related injuries.

Like many other people here in Morzine, I have chosen to be in the mountains for a better way of life. I feel it’s truly important to take time out and allow your body the chance to recover and relax.

Whether you are a Sunday stroller or a keen athlete, I can help you to ensure your body is smiling and you are ready to enjoy Morzine and our beautiful surrounding villages to the max!

I had an excellent sports massage with Martha. She really knows her stuff about the body and what works for different sports injuries, training and keeping things running smoothly.

Gillon 2021