Pregnancy Massage

A Pregnancy Massage helps you to relax & give your body a well deserved time out

Relax in the mountains with a pregnancy massage. This massage is designed around your comfort and will allow you and your body a well deserved time out.

Pregnancy puts quite a physical (and mental) strain on the body. Similarly to a Classic relaxation massage, this massage style helps mind and body to relax in the comfort of your home. It takes the pains and strains away from your body. As your baby grows, your body changes. This change can cause stress on joints where your posture has moved into a new position. Fluid can also build up, especially in the legs, ankles and feet. Massage can help promote drainage and reduce fluid build up. Morzine offers some incredible experiences and when your pregnant you don’t need to miss out!

I had a wonderful pregnancy massage in the comfort of my own home. Martha made me feel completely at ease and I haven’t been that relaxed and comfortable for my entire pregnancy. Loved all the handy tips for alleviating pain in areas of my body during pregnancy. So professional and friendly. Would highly recommend

Harriet 2022

With the perfect pressure to suit you, it’s truly a lovely treat. This massage will take your body and mind away to a calm and quiet place.

leg massage on a heated massage couch
Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Reduces Stress
Reduces Swelling
Eases Muscular Discomforts
Creates a Tranquil Time Out

THE best massage I have ever had. Beautiful welcoming lady and extremely professional but relaxed manner.


Super relaxing and felt extra floaty afterwards.


This massage is available from the start of your second trimester in Morzine, Les Gets & the surrounding villages.