Incorporating Massage into your routine

Incorporating massage into your route is the top way to get the best results. There are endless benefits of massage for both mind and body and to truly absorb all of these benefits, you want to be having a regular massage appointment. Sounds simple huh! We’re all busy people and sometimes looking after number 1 […]

The Secret Benefits of Walking Regularly

Taking a daily walk has some seriously huge benefits. I find it so interesting that something as simple as walking can have such a positive impact on our lives. It’s one of the most powerful ways we can improve our health and it’s super simple. A daily walk for just 30 minutes can not only […]

2021 – The Year in Retrospect

My first post of 2021 was ‘if we can do 2020 we can do anything!’ I stand by that, it was quite a year and we made it through! The beginning of 2021 was a whole lot of this… With the ski lifts remaining closed all winter 20/21 it was hugely damaging for business but […]

Relaxation Massage in Morzine

Wanting to feel truly relaxed during your trip to Morzine? Then look no further! My Classic Relaxation Massage helps you to let go mentally and physically from the stress of daily life. This massage is one of the most well known, practiced and best ways to wind down during your ski trip. Offered in the […]


Short & Sweet is back!! This evening I released a new video on IGTV demonstrating a very basic foot massage. See it HERE! We put our feet through a lot, so let’s give them something back! Here in the Morzine mountains we have all been doing a huge amount of Ski Touring, Splitboarding and Snow […]