Incorporating Massage into your routine

Incorporating massage into your route is the top way to get the best results. There are endless benefits of massage for both mind and body and to truly absorb all of these benefits, you want to be having a regular massage appointment. Sounds simple huh! We’re all busy people and sometimes looking after number 1 can get bumped down the list. But self-care should always be a priority.

Instead of viewing massage as a one-off or treat try and incorporate it into your lifestyle. Once you start to think of it as part of your routine your body will feel the benefits! I always try to arrange your massage for a time that suits your schedule. For instance, working around work, children or other commitments. This is why I think mobile massage works so perfectly! It makes it the easiest way to schedule in your massages and create a routine of no-effort appointments.

I had already a few Sports Massages from Martha. They are always super helpful for my sore body. Today I had my first Hot Stone Massage and it was amazing just the right thing on a cold day

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Here are my 5 ways to get into a manageable routine with scheduling your massages.

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ONE: Why Incorporating massage is so important

We’re all active people in Morzine! Whether your sport is Trail Running, Mountain Biking, Skiing or Hiking, it’s not very often you find somebody who isn’t here embracing the mountains! But, there is nothing worse than being injured and off sport. By including massage in your route, you can massively decrease the risk of injury & keep your body feeling it’s best. Massage can lengthen and soften muscle fibre, increase range of motion and reduce stress levels. It’s a huge way to better your health and give yourself a more positive well-being.

TWO: How to book your massage

All massages are personally scheduled, meaning that a time and date can be chosen that best fits into the week. The best way to enquire about a massage booking, is via my website contact page. Enquiries are checked daily and bookings are done directly. I never use a second party to make bookings. Alternatively, you can send me an email to, or WhatsApp me on +33 7 71 81 63 89. It’s best not to call, when I am in massages my phone is set to Do Not Disturb. I can therefore often miss calls and with a busy schedule not see.

THREE: Scheduling in advance

Scheduling in advance is the best way to create a routine with your massages. I always send reminders, so there is no chance of it slipping your mind. You can always schedule in a pattern of massages, giving you the most likely chance of getting the exact time that suits you. It also means that massage is cemented in your routine similarly to a weekly class or swim would be. Regular massage keeps on top of any niggles or small pains starting to appear. By acting quickly and looking after your body with regular massage for instance, these small issues are much less likely to turn into bigger issues stopping you from your sport.

FOUR: Schedule a shorter massage

You don’t always need to book a 1 hour treatment. As I offer massage for 30, 45, 60 and 90 Minutes, you can book a time to best suit you. Booking a shorter massage can often feel more manageable to fit in around work & life. For more information on massage styles & prices, please have a look here!

FIVE: Mix it up

Regular massage appointments allow you to mix up the styles of massage you have each time. Enjoy a variety of different types of massage and get the benefits of each! If you only book massage once in a while and see it as a treat, you are much less likely to change up the style you go for. Having regular treatments allows you to experience how different massage techniques can benefit you!

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To find out more about how incorporating massage into your routine can help you, pop me a message below and let’s discuss!

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