2021 – The Year in Retrospect

My first post of 2021 was ‘if we can do 2020 we can do anything!’ I stand by that, it was quite a year and we made it through!

The beginning of 2021 was a whole lot of this…

Ski Touring Morzine

With the ski lifts remaining closed all winter 20/21 it was hugely damaging for business but an awesome opportunity to get incredibly fit and spend some serious mountain time together.. the silver lining! It was definitely a challenging year; financially, mentally and physically but MP Massage Therapy has grown throughout and will keep developing further into 2022.

My 2021 Round Up – Favourite bits!

massage therapist at gravel epic
mountain bike down hill world cup
Sports Massage at red bull event

And on a more personal level, in 2021 I became an Auntie, gained a brother in law, made new friends, ran more than ever, hiked half of the TMB, learned so much and generally made more time for myself.


Keep an eye on my events tab to see what I’ll be getting involved with this year. As always, I’ll be based in Morzine throughout the year offering Deep Tissue, Relaxation, UK Sports, Pregnancy Massage and Hot Stone Massage so if you’re visiting or live here in the valley I’m always available for massage.

I can’t wait for 2022 with you – let’s make it a BIGGY!!