Classic Relaxation Massage in Morzine

Wanting to feel truly relaxed during your trip to Morzine? Then look no further! My Classic Relaxation Massage helps you to let go mentally and physically from the stress of daily life. This massage is one of the most well known, practiced and best ways to wind down during your ski trip. Offered in the comfort of your accommodation, a relaxation massage will help your body switch off after a day on the slopes. 

This style of massage is my take on the classic Swedish Massage. It’s a more gentle style of massage than a deep tissue but can still be done with firm pressure. If you’d like to read more about my Deep Tissue massage, just click HERE! The pressure of every one of my massages is customisable and tailored to you. A classic relaxation massage is perfect if you are looking for emotional and physical stress relief – if the tension is in your head rather then your body. This is my go to massage if I’ve had a particularly stressful or full week and I need to switch off. A mix of long gradual strokes, circular strokes and friction result in full body relaxation. This massage gets into the muscles, soft tissue, ligaments and even lymphatic system. The techniques always work with the direction of blood flow promoting circulation and encouraging relaxation.

Brilliant massage after a week of skiing… Martha gave me the best day relaxing off the slope.

Emily 2022

I see a classic relaxation massage as the corner stone to my other treatments. Most of my massages – even sports massage, incorporate some techniques of this massage style. For the techniques of this massage are perfect for lymph drainage. They helps flush the lymphatic system of the waste product (e.g. lactic acid) and therefore aid recovery.

The top 3 benefits of a Classic Relaxation Massage (in my opinion)

ONE has to be relaxation. It helps switch your body off and give you that all important time out. I always sleep better after this type of massage and I think it really does help my body feel refreshed

TWO is pain management. This massage style is seen as the most gentle, but it doesn’t have to be. The pressure is always tailored to your preference. Increasing circulation and softening the soft tissue, this style of massage can take pain away and promote recovery.

THREE is mental health. The impact of this massage on mental health is huge. I always feel like a totally different person after this style of massage and it’s down to the fact that it takes all the stress in your head away. It forces you to take time out of your day for yourself – something we often forget to do.

A Classic relaxation Massage is available for 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes and in the comfort of your accommodation. It’s really important to always tell me what you want to get from your massage, having goals makes your massage even more beneficial.

To Book your massage, simply pop your details below and I’ll get back to you ASAP with my availability!

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