Winter Tips from a Morzine Massage Therapist

Winter in Morzine can take its toll on the body. The harsh temperatures, dry air and fast paced life can leave our bodies feeling run down. Morzine winter is however so much fun, there’s always something great to do; be it skiing, sledging, running or ski de fond! It’s super hard to say no to fun, even when our body is feeling like it needs a bit of TLC.

winter ski touring

As a Massage Therapist I notice the difference in skin between summer and winter so much. In the winter, skin loves lotion!! The low humidity, cold temperatures and indoor heat dry out our skin so much. Pair this with us running around (if you’re working) or skiing all day (if you’re on holiday) and your body is quickly dehydrated.

Working as a Mobile Massage Therapist in Morzine I am in and out of clients houses and chalets throughout the day. I really notice the difference with my skin going from hot to cold to hot so much in a day.

leg massage

Here’s some Winter Tips which will help you stay feeling your best this winter!

  1. Exercise. Keep up your movement throughout winter. Just because it’s cold you don’t need to stop running or doing your fitness classes. It is definitely more difficult to find the motivation, but you will really thank yourself in the spring when you come out the other side of winter feeling good! Now the Morzine pool is open it’s an ideal solution to exercise on a cold wintery day when outside is not so inviting.
  2. Drink water. At altitude the air is thinner, meaning it can’t hold as much water vapour. This means the air feels more dry here in Morzine than it would at lower altitudes. It’s super important to stay as hydrated as possible – the more water you drink the better (and more energised) you’ll feel.
  3. Look after your feet. Our poor feet can be neglected during winter. We wedge them into ski boots (which often hurt) and then into winter boots, and then trainers. Make sure you look after your feet by keeping them clean, moisturised and massaged. Here’s a quick 3 minute video showing you how to give yourself a foot massage!
  4. Maintain a healthy diet. It’s so easy to give into winter food through the cold months. There’s something seriously delicious about a hot pot of melted cheese. But keeping a healthy diet will help boost your immune system – something we definitely want!!
  5. Sleep. Keep your sleep routine throughout winter. Yes the mornings are dark and the evenings draw in early, but keeping a regular sleep pattern will help your body to maintain its normal clock. Did you know, most of our body’s recovery happens during the night.

There are some incredible fitness classes, pilates, running clubs and the pool here in Morzine to keep you moving throughout winter. Looking after your body with regular sport and massage will make you feel your best and keep you most healthy though the snowy months.

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