New for Winter 21/22 – A Heated Massage!

It’s Arrived!!

This winter, brand new to Martha Perry Massage Therapy is a luxurious heated massage couch cover. That’s right, my massage table will be toasty warm ready for your massage as it heats up within just 7 minutes! I always arrive at all my treatments 10 minutes early, getting there early not only gives me time to get set up but will also now allow time for the couch to warm up ready for your massage. It’s going to make each of your massages extra special, you’re going to love it!

Needless to say, I’m really excited for you guys to experience this!

leg massage

The Benefits

Having a heated massage helps the muscles to relax further and in result makes my work more beneficial. The positives of a heated massage are plentiful. If you are carrying stress or have back pain, a heated couch will work as a heat pack relaxing the body and softening the tissues. 

A massage couch with built in heat makes pain relief and relaxation more accessible and more intense. Not only this, but when it’s snowy outside and you’ve been on the slopes all day, there really is nothing more lovely then a heated massage (take a look!). A non-heated massage couch will of course still be an option for your massage.

hot stone massage
deep tissue massage on a heated massage couch

The Cost

The cost of a massage will not change with the heated couch. My Prices will remain as follows:

  • 30 minutes: 45€
  • 45 minutes: 55€
  • 60 minutes: 70€
  • 90 minutes: 90€

All of my treatments are offered mobile in and around the Morzine Valley. More information on my treatments can be found on my website under the Services & Prices tab.

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