Pregnancy Massage in Morzine

With four and half years experience with Pregnancy Massage in Morzine, I understand that every pregnancy is unique. I trained in this type of massage back in 2017 after realising that there was a whole group of women that I was unable to help. Pregnancy Massage is such a lovely treatment to have, it’s one of the most relaxing and relieving treatments. It works towards releasing stress hormones and focuses specifically on giving your mind and body that time out it desperately needs.

Pregnant women

Your Treatment

Before your treatment, we will have a discussion regarding your massage. If you have any specific issues, you can know you are safe and welcome to open up to me. A pregnancy massage can be gentle or firm and can still work on relieving tight muscles and joint pain. As I mentioned, every person is different and therefore every pregnancy massage is also unique. 

Pregnancy Massage is adapted from my other treatments. With my pregnancy massage you are side lying and receive the message in 3 parts.

Firstly you start on the side of your choice, I work throughout that whole side of your body, from your neck to your foot. Next, I help you to move to the other side so I can repeat the techniques on the second side of your body. If you are suffering any pain with sciatica – a common issue of pregnancy, I can work on this with you positioned side lying. You will never be asked to lie prone (face down). The final part of your massage will be with you lying supine (on your back). I always have lots of pillows and will prop you up to a comfortable height for you. This allows me to massage your arms, hands, shoulders, neck and head. It’s such a lovely part of your treatment and will definitely make you feel like you are melting into the massage bed.

I play music in all my treatments unless it’s requested otherwise. A popular choice with pregnancy massage is a hypnobirthing podcast, I don’t supply this myself as I understand it is specific to each person. This is a really lovely way to help your mind be calm and your body feel prepared for the birth. It can really help with any insomnia or headaches that you are suffering with during pregnancy.

pregnancy massage
foot massage

Pregnancy massage has some huge benefits for both mother and baby. It will help you to connect and prepare for your birth. The techniques used help to reduce swelling by stimulating the soft tissue and flushing the fluid. This in result helps you to feel more comfortable and relaxed.

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