5 Years of Massage!

This week marks 5 Years since I became a fully qualified Level 4 Sports Massage Therapist. I can’t quite believe it, the time has literally flown by! How it Happened After graduating from Cardiff University in 2013, then taking some much needed time out to spend skiing in Meribel, I decided it was time to […]

Pregnancy Massage in Morzine

With four and half years experience with Pregnancy Massage in Morzine, I understand that every pregnancy is unique. I trained in this type of massage back in 2017 after realising that there was a whole group of women that I was unable to help. Pregnancy Massage is such a lovely treatment to have, it’s one […]

The 5 best actives for interseason in Morzine

Morzine Interseason is the time between the two peak seasons, Summer and Winter. Here in Morzine we have a shorter interseason in the spring – from the end of April to mid June. Autumn interseason is the longer one, it runs from the beginning of September to mid December when the ski lifts open.  I […]