How important is seeing the same Massage Therapist in Morzine?

It’s pretty common to see the same hairdresser, use the same plumber and go to the same supermarket each time. But does this apply to massage? How important is it to see the same massage therapist each time? With so many fantastic Massage Therapists here in Morzine all offering something slightly different, should you rotate or stay with the same therapist?

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The value of keeping the same Morzine Massage Therapist for each appointment

  • Your therapist will get to know you. What you like and what you don’t like. If you’ve told me your feet are ticklish, or like your music on, or the lights dimmed, I’ll remember for your next massage. Keeping to the same person saves you having to explain your preferences each time.
  • A treatment pattern can develop. I can assess your problems from your previous massage and continue more work on the area. Seeing the same therapist means your recovery can be tracked.
  • You will be able to relax more knowing exactly what to expect. Keeping the same therapist will mean you can fully switch off during the treatment.
  • You know the cost and how to make the booking. Loyalty points can also mean discounts!

Martha is a great therapist and carefully tailors each of my sessions.

Sarah 2021

The value of changing your Massage Therapist each time

  • A combination of different types of treatments can sometimes be really effective for treating a problem.
  • Different costs and different locations. Some therapists work mobile and some have a treatment room. It will give you the opportunity to explore which you prefer.
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I love seeing my regular clients, it makes my work more enjoyable and their experience more comfortable. I know them well, their medical history, injuries, concerns, goals and what they want from the massage. It’s an awesome feeling to help someone recover over a period of treatments. If you are interested in learning about the massage styles I offer. more information can be found online here. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more!

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