Morzine Trail Running – Secret Routes that you’ll love this Autumn!

Trail Running is an outdoor adventure. Autumn is arguably the best time of year for running. The Morzine mountains look beautiful and the temperature is perfect. Trail Running is all about running in the heart of nature, immersing yourself in the mountains and exploring new routes. I think I’ve come across some of the best things whilst trail running, from beautiful alpages to new lakes and animals. Trails make running ever changing, unpredictable and so enjoyable.

This autumn, we’ve been spoiled in Morzine with the most fantastic weather. Warm sunshine, blue skies and clear trails. What more do you need?

I’ve been up and out early doors most days this Autumn, a clear head to start the day before massage bookings begin! Just to add here, a leg massage before hitting the trails increases your performance (and enjoyment) immensely!

I love running for the simplicity, the suffering, the rollercoaster, the possibilities and the memories created with friends. And the post-run snacks.

Courtney Dauwalter. Ultra Runner.

There are hundreds of trail routes around Morzine, and this is by no means a guide to the best ones! Simply, the top 5 routes I’ve most enjoyed running this Autumn.

My Top 5 Trail Running Routes in Morzine For Autumn

Trail Running in Morzine
Col de la Basse
Ridge Running in Morzine. Trail Running

5. Col de la Basse. Theres a great loop you can do from the Col d’Encrenaz car park taking you though the woods, up to the col de la Basse and back to the Car park. The views are fantastic and the evening sun hits part of this trail making it a perfect after work go to.

Approx 6KM | 300M D+

4. Lindarets Loop. Covering Pointe des Lanches and Pointe de Lens. You can even take this one further to the Tete de Lindarets. It’s really stunning and great for sunrise.

Approx 10KM | 500M D+

3. Mont Caly. This route goes from Mont Caly to Mont Chery in Les Gets and back. This is such an easy pleaser. It’s good at any time of day as the views are 10/10.

Approx 6KM | 200M D+

2. Super Morzine. This has become one of my go to trails this autumn. Super Morzine to Avoriaz and back. It’s beautiful, open and you can go as short or long as you like for this one.

Approx 20KM | 600M D+

Finally, number 1. My favourite trail that I’ve ran this autumn has to be over in our neighbour town or Praz de Lys. The trail starts in Praz de Lys town and heads up and round Lac de Roy. It’s beautiful, open and really fun!

Approx 8KM | 300M D+

Mountain Lake, Lac de Roy in Praz de Lys
Lac de Roy

If you would like to know more about Trail Running in Morzine or any of these routes, drop me a message HERE. These routes are awesome to both hike and run! Im also here offering Massage in Morzine throughout autumn, drop me a message if your legs are sore and you’d like a boost of recovery before heading back out onto the mountain.

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