Time Off In The Mountains

Time off in the mountains is precious when you live somewhere like Morzine. There is always something fun happening and always some awesome plans being made! It’s important to find the balance between work and taking time out!

I love being a Massage Therapist, but I also love sport and I love discovering new things. For me, a day off needs to consist of finding something new. Whether that’s in the winter – ski touring, going to a new area or skiing a new mountain. Or in the summer, hiking or biking to a new town, lake or peak. Climbing a new route or running a mega ridge. We won’t always be fit and healthy enough to explore the mountains here so it’s definitely important to do it whilst we can.

This weekend was no different. I packed a sandwich, flask and headed to Sixt-Fer-a-Cheval. Sixt is an incredible alpine village known for it’s outstanding natural beauty and being part of the Grand Massif ski area. In the Spring, Summer and Autumn it offers some of the most beautiful hikes you can imagine. Huge limestone rocks tower over the paths and with the recent snow fall the peaks are beautifully white.

I wanted to find a new spot, away from noise, people and phone signal. I feel like that was fully achieved. Sometimes you need to completely surround yourself with the mountains to re-connect with this beautiful place! Secret Spots for the WIN!!

Time off in the mountains has made my heart full and my legs ache. I am definitely in need of a massage!!

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