Short & Sweet is back!! This evening I released a new video on IGTV demonstrating a very basic foot massage. See it HERE!

We put our feet through a lot, so let’s give them something back!

Here in the Morzine mountains we have all been doing a huge amount of Ski Touring, Splitboarding and Snow Shoeing. It’s been so awesome to see everyone out being so fit and healthy! It is however, super important we are looking after our bodies and helping them take on the extra exercise we are doing!


How many of us love a foot rub? *Raise Hand*. And this is usually after a normal day, let alone a day of Ski Touring, Splitboarding or Snow Shoeing. We put our feet through a lot, so let’s give them something back! There are huge benefits to a foot massage, even just 10 minutes can make a massive difference to your foot health. To name a few:

  • Increased Circulation
  • De-stress and Relaxation
  • Relieve Pain & Tension
  • Assist with Muscle Soreness

If you are pregnant, these moves are unfortunately not for you. Please drop me a message I am fully trained in Pregnancy Massage and can give you a truly heavenly treatment. When giving yourself or someone else a foot massage, start gently, less is definitely more!

My Basic Foot Massage Techniques (Pictures Below)

ONE: Using the heel of your hand, with a firm pressure work up your foot from heel to toe in smooth movements

TWO: Using your thumbs, start with them together in the centre of your foot and push them apart towards the edges of your foot, work up your foot from heel to toe.

THREE: Using 3 fingers, start from your heal and work towards your toes in the centre of your foot with more direct pressure

FOUR: Using your knuckles, make small circles on the base of your heel.

FIVE. Make friction pinch moves around the back of your heel and up your achilles tendon

SIX: Using two fingers, or two thumbs, make small circles at the base of your toes, where they join your foot. Work along from big toe to little.

SEVEN: A Bonus move, stretch your toes back using the heel of your hand.

See the IGTV here!!

If you are feeling the strain from mountain sport this winter, pop me a message to book a massage. It will massively help your body feel AWESOME on the hike up and ride down the mountains!

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