THE MASSAGE HANGOVER – The post massage soreness explained.

Post Massage soreness is a thing! Have you ever had a massage and woken up the next day feeling a little groggy – like you’ve been jumping around all night? Well, you’re not alone! It’s really common to get tired and sore muscles the day after a massage.

neck ache. Girl holding her neck
Post Massage Ache

A massage is essentially similar to a workout for your muscles. During a massage your muscles are manipulated and stretched, both relaxing the muscle tissue and moving them. A new normal which then needs to be maintained. Your body is working hard to recover and absorb, day 2 ALWAYS be kind to your body.

Reduce tired and sore muscles on day 2:

  • Drink water – rehydrate and give your muscles the water they need
  • Light exercise – movement is your friend, Morzine has some beautiful & gentle walks
  • A warm bath or heatpack – relax your body
  • Eat healthy food – give your body good nutrition to heal
  • Light stretching – emphasis on light, don’t do to much.
Stretching out shoulders for tired and sore muscles
Light Stretching
Glass of water for tired and sore muscles
Drink Water

Although tired and sore muscles – the delayed ache – from a massage doesn’t feel good, it’s an important part of recovery. It’s your body absorbing the work and adjusting to it’s new position. If you are ever concerned about how you feel post massage, never hesitate to contact me. I am always available to discuss how your body is feeling pre and post massage.

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