SPORTS & Looking after our world.

To make big changes to our world, we can all make small changes to our sport and routine. We can do the research and ask the questions opening the topic further. Sustainability & Sport is an absolute warren, so I’ve kept it simple, I’m certainly no expert but hopefully this blog serves as a reminder on ways we can all help.

Sport connects you to the natural world. You run and ride beautiful routes, why wouldn’t you want to look after and protect them!

Here are some ways you can help our world and still enjoy your favorite sports!

Things we can do to help our environment:

ONE. Recycle your shoes. Brands such as Nike have designed a program to give your shoes a new life. Read more about it here: Nike – reuse a shoe. Alternatively find out the sustainability initiative of your race organisers, they might have a shoe collection for your old trainers. Plus, depending on their condition, you can donate them or sell them on.

TWO. Buy second hand bike parts, now it’s easier more than ever to pick things up from buy and sell sites or friends!

THREE. Don’t run or bike off the trails. Especially in spring, protect the habitats of animals and plantlife by sticking to the footpaths or trails marked out.

FOUR. Use reusable bottles and look after them. HERE‘s a quick video!

FIVE. Don’t litter. This sounds so obvious yet somehow people still manage to do it. Take your snack bars out of their packet and leave the packet at home, this means the packet can’t accidentally fall out on route! Alternatively, grab a handful of nuts and put them straight in your pocket. Or even better, make your own energy balls from ingredients at home, this is often cheaper then buying snacks! Mesh Food bags are another great idea for keeping your snacks together.

SIX. Recycle electronics – watches, trackers, earphones, phones. Additionally, buy second hand, Easy Cash in Thonon often has some really good deals on sports watches, earphones, phones etc.

SEVEN. Care for your sports clothes. You can do this by repairing them (or getting Alpine Alterations to), not putting them in the drier (air dry to make them last longer) and not washing them after every wear (depending of course on what you’ve done). Clean mud off your shoes properly and set them to dry, HERE‘s a quick video. This will prolong the lift of your sports shoes! You can also buy eco friendly shoes and gear, brands such as New balance, Patagonia and Ice breaker all give back to their local communities and are known for their commitment to the environment.

EIGHT. Do sport locally, we are spoiled in Morzine for trails and routes. Run to meet a friend, or cycle to get your satellite coffee.

NINE. Enquire. Speak to clothing brands, sports drink brands, bike brands, event companies. Ask them what they are doing to help? The more we all ask the question the more likely they are to change.

TEN. PLOGGING! Go for a run and litter pick. The idea of Plogging started in Sweden, the two Swedish words Plocka upp (pick up) & Jogga (jog) together make Plogga! Perhaps my next Trail Fun Run could be a Plogging Run!!! Whos in?

Also, did you know, H&M accepts clothes for textile recycling, no matter the brand! Check it out HERE. Additionally, another great website with some interesting articles is Earth 911

These are all super simple ideas for looking after our world which hopefully give you some fresh ideas! Lets keep our mountains looking beautiful and help to protect the environment. I’d love to hear your ideas to, please pop me a message on Facebook, Instagram or

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