My ‘Short+Sweet’ Series

The idea behind this series of short videos stemmed during lockdown. Whist stuck at home I was getting numerous messages from people who were suffering from aches and pains. As people were continuing work from home their bodies were becoming more and more uncomfortable with their new desk set up. Lots of people found themselves working from laptops on the sofa, or squished into a spare space with a temporary set up. 

Massage Therapist in Morzine, Helpful Stretching Videos for different areas of the body.

I decided to start the Short + Sweet series to try and help some of these people out! Nobody likes a long video and therefore these 2-3 minute videos are perfect for tips and tricks on stretching and activating muscles. 

Each video in the Short + Sweet series is focused towards a specific muscle group or area of the body. All videos are available here, I love learning about new ways of stretching and rolling so please message me if you have any tips on what works for you! Keep an eye on my social media each Monday for the latest video!

Massage Therapist demonstrating a stretch for the Pec Muscles of the chest

Now lockdown in France has been lifted I am able to re-start work and begin massaging again around the Valley. So far it has been fantastic to see so many positive faces coming out of such a hugely challenging time.

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