Sunrise & Sunset in Morzine – My top 3 ‘easy to get to’ spots!

We all love a good Sunrise & Sunset and where better to enjoy it then here in the mountains!

You can see 100 sunsets and yet not two are the same! It’s one thing that brings us all together, that we all enjoy and that regardless of the effort and time, we all love to see!

Here are my top 3 favorite easy and accessible Sunrise & Sunset spots around Morzine!

When walking in the mountains, especially at sunrise & sunset, it’s so important to take care and be prepared.


Mont Chery + Mont Caly 

The Classic. This is your easily accessible, 45 minutes up beauty! Sunrise from the top of Mont Chery can be enjoyed during summer and winter and easily accessed on foot, ski touring or snow shoeing. Likewise, Mont Caly has a beautiful 5k circuit which you can walk or run first thing and catch a really special sunrise! Mont Chery is to the side of Les Gets and can be accessed from Les Gets town, or the back (Col d’Encrenaz).

Col de Joux Plagne

By parking at the Joux Plagne lake you can walk out to the cross, approx 20 mins. The sunrise here and view of Mont Blanc is fantastic! It’s a super easy flat walk and a really rewarding view!

Col du ratti 

An easy hike both in summer and winter, the higher you get the earlier sunrise you see! South facing means even if you’re late starting, you can’t miss sunrise! 

sunrise in the mountains. winter time. Sunrise in the snow
Sunrise at Mont Chery. December 2019


Mont Ouzon

In my opinion sunset at Mont Ouzon is a must. With views of the whole of Lac Leman you really can’t beat watching the sun go down and the colors change. This hike is a little more advanced and requires good footwear. 

Serraussaix / Super Morzine

This is a very easy last minute sunset! You can (in a 4X4) drive right to the top of the Serraussaix lift and get your spot! Otherwise parking on the route d’Avoriaz it’s an easy 10 minute walk.

Pointe d’Angolon

Pointe d’Angolon is a beautiful evening hike with a super cool ridge line. You can catch sunset on the descent so it means you’re back at the car before dark!

sunset at super morzine. mountain sunset in spring
Sunset at Super Morzine. May 2020.

Why does it hurt your knees when hiking downhill?

The reason for this is because you are using your legs at their weakest position. You are putting more stress through the muscles and joints on the way down then you would on the way up. The leading knee absorbs all the weight and shock creating extra pressure through the joint. 

A big cause of knee pain when walking down hill is incorrect tracking. This means your knee caps don’t sit straight on your knees. If your muscles are tight this could pull your knee out of position. Other reasons for pain are weak muscles, old injuries and joint problems. Sports Massage will help to correct problems like this. A rehab plan with MP Massage Therapy will work towards strengthening your knees and significantly reducing pain on the descent.

3 Things you can do to reduce this happening:
  • Use poles
  • Support Strap
  • Take your time

When walking in the mountains, especially at sunrise & sunset, it’s so important to take care and be prepared. Hiring a mountain guide like Magical Snow Treks is a fantastic idea. Simone will not only help you safely to some mega spots, but also pass on knowledge about the mountains surrounding you.

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