Calling All Ski Tourers and Splitboarders!!

3 people ski touring and splitboarding on the mountain. blue sky

The first time I went ski touring my eyes were opened. It made me notice the mountains in a different way and allowed me to access areas which before I had no way of reaching. I love the feeling – your bag is packed, your skins are on, you’re with your pals and off you go into the mountains!

ski touring up a mountain face at sunset

What is Ski Touring and Splitboarding?

Hiking up into the mountain and riding backcountry or unpatrolled areas.

What is the best part about Ski Touring and Splitboarding?

In my opinion, the feeling you get from earning your turns, being outside in nature & the fitness you gain!

What is the draw back?

Achy legs at the end of a big day!

As a Sports Massage Therapist, Winter for me involves helping achy legs and sore muscles. Skiing and Snowboarding takes its toll on the body and Ski Touring/Splitboarding is no different (arguably worse). Whether you are heading out with a guide for your first adventure (more on this at the bottom) or you’re a daily ski tourer, you ask a lot on your muscles.

3 people ski touring in a snowy forest

The main areas your body aches as voted by you!

  • FEET
  • HIPS
  • BACK

Here are some self care techniques to keep the muscles soft and the pain away!


Tool: Tennis Ball

tennis ball rolling feet after ski touring


Tool: Tennis Ball

tennis ball rolling tired calf muscles from ski touring & splitboarding


Tool: Foam Roller

foam rolling quad muscles. tired achy muscles from splitboarding


Tool: Foam Roller

foam rolling glute muscles. tired muscles after ski touring


Tool: Tennis Ball & Hands


Tool: Rolled up Towel

If you are new to the backcountry I strongly advice you hire a guide. An Avalanche Awareness and Mountain Safety session with MINT Snowboarding will gain you both confidence and skills when going off piste. MINT Snowboarding also has a UIAGM Mountain Guide for both skiing and snowboarding who is arguably THE MOST FUN person to explore the mountain with. Not only will you learn heaps with David, but also have the best experience. MINT Snowboarding can be contacted via their website or direct at

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