Remote Working | The New Normal

We don’t think about it, or perhaps notice but office chairs, desks and screens are all designed with the user in mind. Adjustable and comfortable allowing the user to adapt their position.

Remote working has quickly become the new normal and often with remote working comes bad posture. Back in March, overnight people were forced to adapt and create ‘at home offices’. For some, this was a welcomed change – no commute, more sleep, time for breakfast and exercise before work. For others, this change meant a laptop on the kitchen table and no set routine. I think one thing that almost everyone has experienced is working at a new station which was not designed for full time computer work.

Increasingly I have seen people who are suffering from back and neck pain, tight glutes, protracted shoulders and general discomfort since I have started back at work. Working from home means less movement throughout the day and not walking to work, cycling or walking to and from meetings problems are occurring.

Here are my top 5 stretches for doing at your desk

1) Neck | With your right hand, hold the seat of your chair on the right side. Pull Your body away and tilt your head to the left. Repeat on each side twice.

Neck Stretch for Trapezius. Working from home at a desk.

2) Neck | With your right hand, hold the back of your chair where the legs join the seat. Lean forward and tuck your head towards your left armpit. With Your left hand gently pull your head further down. Repeat on each side twice.

Levator Scapula Stretch. Working from home at a desk

3) Lower Back | With your right hand, hold the left side of your seat. Put your left arm in the air and lean over towards the right. Repeat on each side twice.

Lower back QL stretch. Working from home at a desk.

4) Glutes | Take your right leg and cross it over your left, lean forward into the stretch. Repeat on each side twice.

Glutes Stretch. Working from home sitting at a desk.

5) Wrist | With your hands back to back and your fingers facing the floor, clench your hands into fists and try to keep your elbows down.

Wrist stretch for computer work.

Each week I update my Stretching Tips tab with helpful ‘how to’ videos! Let me know if there are any areas you would like me to cover!

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