Morzine and Good Food

Morzine and Good Food go hand in hand! We’re simply spoiled in Morzine with the choice of great restaurants and private chefs! 

Of course you can’t get far without finding an incredible fondue, raclette or tartiflette in Morzine, perfect for a big winters day on the mountain! However here in Morzine, good food is everywhere. 

Morzine is a big resort for sports. We ask a huge amount on our bodies and expect 100% performance. Whether it’s skiing, biking, or hiking, here in Morzine you’re pushing your endurance further then normal. Recovery is so important to maintain your ability to perform throughout the week, an evening post exercise massage will keep your legs feeling light and your body feeling strong!

I find food and nutrition so interesting, what to eat and how to maintain good strength. I’m constantly learning what is needed and how often so I can continue doing the sports I love plus be strong enough for work! A really great experience during your trip to Morzine is having a Private Chef. With 20 years experience in private chalets, yachts and restaurants Chef Morzine is definitely a go to! With a vast menu ranging from fine dining to rustique hearty dishes you will definitely find this an interesting evening. 

Available for private evenings or week bookings Chef Morzine will help you to understand food, nutrition and give you the opportunity to enjoy tasting new flavors. 

Understanding health and nutrition is so important for your recovery. Along with massage and hydration, eating good food can really make the difference between a healthy recovery and dull few days post exercise or injury.

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