Trail Fun Run

Join Me & Run some fun Morzine Trails!

The Trail Fun Run sessions involve an awesome group of people who get together, share tips and run local trails. These group runs include everyone of all levels and are all about getting out, joining in and discovering new routes.

ALL Levels are welcome and it’s completely FREE.

Just click on the link below, see what sessions are organised and add your name to join in. There is a maximum of 5 minute wait at the meeting point, it’s too cold during winter to be standing in the snow!! P

Please don’t be late.

If you know of a fun trail that you think others will enjoy, pop your name down on the sheet with a date, time & meeting point and arrange your own Trail Run to share with others!

2021 Trail Fun Run

Come Along – Tell Your Friends – Join In

snow running

Please note, this is not a weekly running club – just group running sessions as and when people are keen.

Click this link to join in!

Not 100%? Pop me a message here with any questions!